The Manhatten real estate market is famous for it's astronomical prices and notoriously intense competition.  Although available homes are limited on the small island of Manhattan, the range of options can seem daunting. Many NYC apartment shoppers opt to utilize a broker, a prospect which comes with an additional fee.

Save yourself some money! Our no fee apartments not only save renters a substantial sum of money, but are also among the best NYC apartment options on the market.


It should come as no surprise that the real estate market in New York City is different than the market nearly everywhere else in the world. Real estate agents have long played a crucial role in the mediation between people who are searching for a home and people who are selling or renting a home.

 Yes, there are brokers in New York, who charge the tenants when they close the deal on a lease. This fee is not what most would consider nominal. In fact, the average NYC broker fee is 15% of the annual rent on a lease.

On top of the other expenses of moving, this can add quite a chunk to a New York City apartment hunter’s budget. Fortunately, there is a way around this, and it is not as difficult as some may assume.


The small fortune that comprises most broker fees is no guarantee of a quality apartment. Without having to go through a broker, or pay the associated fees, you can find  not only an apartment in Manhattan, but in certain cases some of the best apartments you could find in New York City.

Kips Bay Court offers apartment amenities that rival the best in Manhattan.  Entering a Kips Bay Court you'll notice a spacious, airy floor plan with an awesome amount of natural light flooding into each studioone-bedroom , two-bedroomthree-bedroom, or four-bedroom apartment.

 Kips Bay Court also offers the amenities you deserve, including: an on-site fitness center, yoga classes, basketball courts, and a picnic area, to name a few.

The best part of a community like this is that it is all available without having to pay one cent of a broker fee. Kips Bay Court offers direct, no fee apartments that could rival anything else you, or a broker, could find in this neighborhood or the city.

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